Yandex Direct

If you are planning to start its first advertising campaign for Yandex Direct and but you are too lazy to read the whole set of rules filing ads – then continue reading this article until the end. The author of this article on his life example tell you about common mistakes when creating an advertising company Yandex Direct and provide some practical advice. Demand creates supply, and good quality and professionalism – a stable customer base. It is no secret that Yandex Direct service is the most popular contextual advertising in RuNet, and along with the most demanding of advertising content to be placed in its network. John Grayken is likely to agree. Understand the moderators Yandex Direct can and should be – it's too much unrealistic proposals in RuNet that promise unprecedented profits for very little effort and money. So how about if your offer is really worth, you are involved in legitimate business, selling a product or service, but your advertising company Yandex Direct has consistently reject one after another? At one time, this writer also went through the toughest selection and Poking their advertising campaigns by the moderator Yandex Directives and even managed a few times quarrel, leading a prolonged and aggressive correspondence that does not give, except the conclusions that we must adapt to their demands – or advertise on Yandex not seen. So, why is yours to first glance, perfectly made up ads, the "evil" moderator Yandex wraps back? Can have multiple reasons and here are some of them 1. .

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