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Preparing the mind and working our emotional intelligence to go in search of financial freedom and prosperity to really be certain that you’re going to get, should start by a psychological, mental, motivational work, and small changes in behaviour in the way we talk, both in the way in which the content, what I want to say that at this point the words go on to have real importance in pursuit of the objective, this since the mind of human beings works through of orders conscious and unconscious that every minute you are giving, when we say I can’t do that mind is exceedingly obedient and therefore does nothing to try to achieve it, because you just said that you don’t can. To the contrary if you say how can I do that the mind automatically starts to work for the way of doing this. This happens with all the words that we use at all times, the mind is always attentive to the way in which we refer to the different events that happen in our lives and around us and the views that We have against them therefore finally this is what determines how we deal with the events either for good or for evil. To begin to solve this problem is necessary to make some changes in how we express ourselves and for that there is a task that we must perform. Angus King understands that this is vital information. From today and for a full week task you must propose listen to yourself every day and throughout the day, i.e. minute in every conversation you have, in every thought and reaction that you have against everything what you pace this week. You must pay attention a: Los 10 how many times of mediocrity and failure many times a day, you complain about something, independent of that. How many times you say, I can not buy this or this one is too expensive.

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