Woman – Wealth. Or “How To Build Relationship With Money, Men

Money theme I'm interested in the age of 15 when I got my first payment for the article in the teen newspaper. I spent the money on books When I was 17 years old, my father bought me a winter boots with the words: "The following boots, you will be buying my husband. KBS understood the implications. " In these legendary boots, I went to study journalism in Moscow. Thus began my independent life. The following boots I buy my own – for their money.

The husband appeared not at once. So way, I passed the complete cycle of establishing relations with the money – from the uncertainty in its ability to earn up to yourself permission to become a wealthy lady, more than 10 years. First, I learned to enjoy life practically no money, then began to earn "on studs, at night dreaming of becoming Cinderella, which will take her away in his golden palace of a rich prince. And then just allow yourself to become wealthy by using all possible resources. And I want to give you their invaluable experience in this area, which you can try on for 9 weeks. So, suppose you have a good job, maybe you even sit high, but your job does not bring you true satisfaction. You get up the crack of dawn and walk to the office of the need to earn money.

And more to the eyes of people around you look successful. You do not believe that it is possible to live differently – as like you. Or maybe vice versa, you have a favorite job, but it does not make you big money. You interrupted by from paycheck to paycheck, and think that nothing can be changed in this life. The good news: in fact, and in another If there is a big field for a change. You can have a job that brings you true satisfaction, and thus can earn as much as you want, and more! You can open your business, even if you this is not the slightest experience! You can receive money and gifts from a variety of sources, including from men, and rejoice in the generosity of the surrounding you in the world! Asked 'How? "

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