Where to Live and Work

It is important to "Measure seven times, and only once well, you understand. In the area of immigration stereotypes are as strong as anywhere else. Somehow, most of our compatriots want to emigrate to Germany or the uk. Countries that fall into that most difficult. The question: "Why this country?" Usually respond that they live there relatives (Friends, classmates and friends by correspondence, ). Few people think that those same families will not feed, water and maintain. There is not accepted.

Therefore you should not rely on someone. Make a choice consciously! And again to assess the chances. There are several basic ways to expatriates: Repatriation. If you are Jewish or German roots – there is a chance of obtaining permanent residence in Israel or Germany. Independent (Professional), emigration. So one can obtain permanent residence in the uk, Canada, Australia Prerequisites: – availability of higher education, demanded profession – a good level of national language of the country – the existence of a certain amount for the resettlement.

For each of the items charged a certain amount of points. The more, the better the chances for a positive result. Expect a decision on his case you will have 2 months to 2 years, Depending on the country. Business – immigration. You become a founder of the firm (investing money into the economy of the country), based on which get the business – a visa and the full right to legally stay in the state, conduct business or employment, acquire property, to receive higher education

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