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There are three steps that must be taken into account in the creation of a webpara page to be successful. The first of all is that most affects web designers and consists of the virtual design of the page. First of all has to be very clear what information that you want to include and in what order. Later texts, multimedia elements, links and graphics that are needed are distributed. The second phase consists of the structuring of the pages of the web site. You must create links between documents that are performed by using the hipertextoo HTML language to bind them. This aspect it is very important that a web not always is reached by the home page, so that it must be part of a whole. Finally, the third phase consists of web positioning in search engines. It is made by optimizing the content and structure of this to make it more easily indexed by search engines. Perhaps it is the part that least pleases designers since the vast majority of indexing criteria are related to the text.

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