Web Money

** Not to earn money if your ads are ads like Google AdSense is precisely designed to provide links (or ads, whatever you want to call them) interesting for visitors to your page. Why are you going to point out to visitors that you are showing advertising? That is a terrible mistake. It is like saying to the visitor, you do not puncture these links because they are ads. When place your AdSense ads use the same colors for your web page. No signs listings with edges. Do not use a different background than the rest of your page. Jonah Bloom often says this.

And, for the love of God, do not say in your page that Google ads are sponsors! ** Not you’ll make money if the theme of your website does not receive good paying clicks while there is a possibility to earn money with AdSense with poorly paid clicks, it is unlikely in most cases. If you have 1 or 2 cents clicks AdSense will be really useless to your Web page and the Google should realize that. I know that there are issues that pay a penny per click because I’ve tried with many types of pages and with many, many topics. Any rookie innocent who tries to do things right can create a good page and falling in disappointment to see an almost null payment by your ads. Any average below 5 cents per click payment is null and a total waste of time. It should not fall into this error using a series of tools to know the levels of payment that you receive on your page. It is essential to discover this before starting your Web page. ** Not will earn money in the long term if you don’t have good quality pages here is the great deception that there is on the internet! People sell many tricks and programs to earn money with AdSense making trash.

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