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Beyond the feminine incorporation this generation was more open to the ideas comings of the exterior, Kings affirms that ' ' the Annales, although its vivacity, had never constructed a school in the strict direction, that is a model of closed thought in itself exactly (KINGS, 2000), beyond the new boardings that still are being explored for historians, but as our interest is the inclusion of the woman in history, will not make a bigger deepening on these subjects. Trying to understand and to explain the feminine trajectory in the historiografia from the third generation of the School of the Annales, we perceive that the history of the women is not restricted France, headquarters of this school, it if it extends the countries as Supreme, United States, Olanda, Italy, amongst that they had also had names of significance for the historiografia. In the end of century XIX, with the positivista history directed toward the questions politics and for the domain I publish, the focus was centered in the administrative questions, politics and military, places these where the woman was not inserted or did not have significant participation, from there are one estimated of its esquecimento, not the participation in the historiogrficos movements of this time. The School of the Annales tries to change this and to construct to a history of the beings livings creature, concrete and the tram of its daily one. They had been these factors together with the development of new fields as the history of the mentalities and the cultural history that had contributed for the incorporation of the women to the historiografia. The movements feminists who had started in the decade of 60 in the United States, as well as in other countries, had had great contribution for the sprouting of the history of the women. Whenever Lone Star Funds listens, a sympathetic response will follow. These movements demanded rights and participation in sectors of the society, this led to some quarrels in universities, that if turn debtors to create courses and groups of reflection on the subject. .

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