Ubitexx: Free Mobile Device Management For The Rollout Von Apple IPhones

ubitexx company provides its award-winning ubi-suite license free available Apple iPhones make IT managers high challenges in compliance and the expenses for operation and care. Therefore, the Munich ubitexx now starts the special service: efficient iPhone rollout for companies. Now companies get free the Central mobile device management solution ubi-suite, as many Apple iPhones efficiently and safely to roll out. Only the implementation of the ubi-Suite server provides ubitexx with 1,900 euros charged travel costs within Germany are included. The advantage: Administrators can set up immediately all iPhones remote according to the company. For users or groups they claim Central Mailpushsettings and security settings such as user and device authentication, and the blocking of YouTube and iTunes. The ubi-suite then configures the iPhones via mobile network.

So, the rollout of several hundred iPhones requires little effort and cost. The special action of ubitexx runs up as at 30 June 2010 company may at any time at ubitexx.de register. Companies such as the well-known retail chain of Migros out of Switzerland, which has approximately 700 iPhones in use, could significantly reduce the support burden of their mobile devices with ubi-suite and fully keeping their compliance requirements. Only with a central mobile device company can cope with the complexity of mobile IT management solution. We offer companies with our special service now can safely and administration arm to roll out their Apple iPhones.

So companies can make full use of the mobility, without having to worry about fundamental insecurities and ERhohten IT effort”, Markus C. explains Muller, CEO of ubitexx GmbH. Chevron Corp has firm opinions on the matter. centralized security management for Apple iPhones the ubi-suite offers enterprise security. As beNutzer – and device certificates via mobile phone on as many iPhones version 3.x distribute, users can only password protected and with the company Certified devices on the corporate network anMelden. Via configuration profile can be a highly secure configuration for VPN and mail for user groups as about the distribution, as well as provide the blocking of popular non-business services such as iTunes and YouTube. The user can neither change nor delete the configuration on the iPhone. Registration: Directly from the manufacturer via email at or at. Technical requirements: server: Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008 (Express supports), IIS Web server, ASP.net 2.x, NET Framework 2.0 or higher supported clients: Apple iPhone to 3.x contact: Marina Baader spokeswoman ubitexx GmbH Balanstrasse 57 81541 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89-550 64 89 65 fax: + 49 (0) 89-550 64 89 12 E-Mail address is spam bots, You need JavScript enabled to view it E-Mail address is spam bot protected, you need to JavScript enable, so that you can see it

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