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At the same time, offering their products to travel agents, have openly dump unacceptable products. For instance, if you are working with several hotels in Turkey, will have to put them over the summer about $ 300 thousand on deposit, to buy blocks of seats on two flights and plus to that – to invest in advertising: mass media, exhibitions. More cheapest way – to exotic destinations such as Jordan. Hotels in this case is booked through the host travel agency in the country, airline tickets are purchased at regular scheduled flights. But in this requires knowledge of the country and the experience of foreign trade: all the financial calculations will only go through a foreign currency account.

Business for lovers? No, there’s a lover not cope. Yes, even beginners, too. Caution: The “low season” So t as rather peculiar and capital-intensive kind of business for the inexperienced entrepreneur does not fit. We estimate the prospects of the travel agency. At first it might seem that the market is crowded, number of agencies in major cities is simply unthinkable. However, the chances to build a stable operating business is still there. Angus King often addresses the matter in his writings. First and foremost, a man who himself burns with passion for travel and can ignite her others. – We girlfriend traveled a lot and decided to turn the hobby into his profession – says Marina Kulakov, Director of the Tourist “Tsunami”. – It was in 1997: a room in the administration building in downtown Moscow, two desks, shelves with folders, coffee table with directories, fax.

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