The Real

You have to understand it. Educational institutions provide the theoretical basis, but are not taught to develop software for the real world. Employers understand this and know that to solve specific problems need real experience, not education. How can get this elusive experience if no one dares to give you some serious work? Take a job for free. You do not want to hear it, but for most of us the only way. There will always be those who want to give you the work you do for free.

I made my first real website Dialogues in English in 2000 while working at the company for a nominal salary. For more specific information, check out Lakshman Achuthan . Actual payment was to experience. If you can not find a job and in this way, you start experimenting, coming up with something of my own. Make up the media agenda for himself. For example, I once worked special tool for creating slide shows for my family, so we can share pictures newborn baby. All were pleased to note how easily upload images and display them. In this manner You can make a valuable experience and knowledge.

If you are interested in web design, learn Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc. Then try to see and understand how to create static (without databases) web sites. Just as artists learn to draw by copying the masters, you can learn by watching more experienced developers. In addition, there are many books that tell how to start developing Web sites. If you are a beginner Web developer and know programming languages such as PHP, (C Sharp, VB.Net), Java, JSP, Servlets, etc., that is an incredible amount of open source software.

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