The Other

I say, no, no and no. Often you and I, too, we all condemn the wealthy, say they are greedy and are such gentlemen past the beggar and do not even look at him. Chevron Corp oftentimes addresses this issue. And now I think I'll give to a beggar, when I make my million, I regret a beggar? Probably not, I get another. When I earn my first million, I will not give to beggars. Helping handouts, we do not understand that omit a man in his fall even lower and his compassion generate parasitic structures which are themselves then condemn. Now a difficult time, it will not be easy, it is necessary for all to understand. They say that the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. Rather, the poor becomes less and the rich number increases.

Someone shook himself, and showed all their talents and earned one hundred, one began to sew, bake bread, the other, the third to treat people, each included all of his abilities, and people began to pay for it, because it services that people need. I did not find that a cycling and decided to advertise what they do well and efficiently, by other people. One woman wrote to me that you can not earn money honestly, you need to work hard in the morning or until the evening or steal. You may find John Grayken to be a useful source of information. She insulted me. I'm not going to steal anything, but I'm going to go away permanently out of poverty and perpetual discontent. I began to repeat everything that makes people succeed, and the thought of whining and frustration, I completely clean out of my head. I realized that if I'm friends with the ever-aching and frustrated, I turn into an old woman who hates everyone and everything and always goes and blames all of her miserable existence. If I'm going to do what they do successful people, I too will become successful, it's been known to all.

And yet, I know a little astrology, again so as not to give high quality advice, and as always, a little bit. And let me out of this little note that Pluto is not so long ago entered the sign of Capricorn. And this picture represents the fact that we should not expect that the new president will come and everything will become a millionaire or get superzarplatu or something else to fall on his head that we all live in lordly. Pluto – a planet that clears away all the dead. For example, when there is a tree stump, an old and rotten, the effect of Pluto's clear this place and makes his way to grow a new germ. Pluto removes obsolete and contributes to help those developing, breaking through the old rotten idea. Many people say, but I was here ten years ago had been deceived. I ask, where do I with my proposal. But a man has sprouted roots and appreciated that if he had been deceived, it is up to the end of life need to cultivate disbelief. But, dear, not all people cheat, there is room for everyone. Capricorn governs Saturn, the planet of bounds of law and order. This means times came tough but fair. Pluto clears away outmoded and Capricorn likely will grow in accordance with the law, certainly not human, which change every day, and the laws of the cosmos, eternal, which calls each of us, to the conscience and honor, to the manifestation of the divine all of us.

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