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(4) Too many expectations for very little time having an online business is like having another totally different business.All businesses need time to stabilize, and then to begin their growth. An online business is no exception, since it requires time that people interested by what you offer and thus can begin to create an important community. It is common that one feel what he wrote does not serve to anyone in the first months.Logically a blog not going to become popular or super successful night overnight. There is no despair, since it takes its time to create a faithful relationship with the first readers. Set achievable goals, i.e. to add quality content for at least 1 year and are going to give mind that little by little people are starting them to consider. Make sure that your blog is easy to find and offers the possibility to the readers write comments and share other content between them.

(5) Do not treat a blog as a blog press release may not be treated as a place where dictate press releases but that has to be treated like a conversation that offers the possibility of connecting in a way other than our business customers. Instead, press releases are the opposite: impersonal, unreliable and promotional car for the people. If you have modified your blog as if were a press release surely what you are going to achieve is that people are gradually go away. Used to blog to create your products or perform the listings for your business, but always do it by writing original things. Share the knowledge of your business with the industry, share the day to day workflow in your company and all the tips learned about your business.

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