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By the way, liquor taken to bring a gift to friends and friends from his vacation spent abroad or just in another region of Russia. And this tradition comes exactly from the Russian. Stipulate that in any case does not hint at the love the Russians "vykushivat a glass" – believe me, that lovers to stay "under the degrees, as well as drinkers and alcoholics enough in any country in the world. Overseas tradition presenting gifts take root in Russia is weak. For example, in relations with colleagues and business partners, the Russians present there is seldom enough.

This phenomenon is logical – presents us more often tied to events that have accepted social significance (sm.fakty at the beginning of the article). Another trait common is the "broad Russian soul "- the ability to enjoy and be grateful for any gift, even a slight Souvenir. Gifts are usually accepted with pleasure on his face, even if they, for whatever reason, at first glance does not like. And, once this goes, good manners does not allow you to show resentment and dissatisfaction over the failed buy gifts or absence of a gift in a situation where there is reason to expect it. Russian man its essence is not only open and straightforward, but the most familiar with these rules – can no doubt! We now turn to the ethical aspects of choosing a gift. Official site: Lakshman Achuthan .

For a representative of the Russian nation the cost of a present for someone in most cases does not depend on the value received in the address of them previously. The recipient should not know in advance about the essence of his gift – much more pleasant surprises. Russian think that to give and receive a gift of money envelope – this is the normal position. Especially this kind of gift is relevant at weddings and child birth, and even when you simply do not know what to give to man. Although there are among us and those who believe that the gift – it is something personal, intimate, memorable, and the money is to be made impossible. Finally wish all those who picks up a gift of Russian nationality, and feels that the process develops into answered by a serious problem – remember the original Russian saying "do not look a gift horse in the mouth!" Good luck to you in choosing gifts, and often have their schistlivym recipient!

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