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Passenger Safety

Going to work or to the airport by taxi, in an important business meeting or a visit, we can use your own car, "catch" the car on the road or call a taxi. Sometimes the first option swept aside by the most different reasons: the car simply does not or there, but is being repaired, […]

Diesel Engines

It is believed that the purring cat in exactly the same frequency with a diesel engine running at idle. This sound has a soothing and health qualities. For one of the two subjects unfair competition, as in the bitter cold to put on an equal diesel and gasoline engine is inexpedient. Frost and diesel. In […]

Conveying Employees In St. Petersburg

Conveying staff and workers in St. Petersburg. In recent years, the cultural capital of St. Petersburg, there were significant changes in the field of foreign investments into the Russian economy. Many large manufacturers, factories have opened it in St. Petersburg and the region, thereby providing jobs for many people. But because of building density Petersburg […]

Venice Marco Polo Taxi

Sitting in traffic jams, which in Italy incredible amount a passenger pays for a taxi too. Provides 10% discount for single women. But about her need to remind the driver. The taxi driver is obliged to your request provide a written list of prices for all the extras. Do not hesitate to ask, perhaps, that […]

Important Building Services

Dump trucks are called truck with tipping body, essential for rapid unloading process without the use of assistive devices or manual physical labor, which makes it very attractive, from the point of view, the application for the transportation of bulk materials, especially non-metallic materials. Tippers can be created on the road or off-road chassis. Dumpers […]