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– Comes soon Mariana? Carlos said Francisco. We go to start to collect pebbles. More info: KBS. That one that to find a Rock of the Stars is bambamb. – Carlos, Renato, Arthur, Glucio we go even so. I am with one badly hunch. I find that today it is not a good day for […]

Video Conference

The professors give lesson saw computer, in video-conference, with the pupils and these they can carry through research and make ' ' viagens' ' without leaving house, with eyeglasses special in third dimension. The parents are responsible for the accompaniment and presence will be children. It is well more easy to understand numbers, to understand […]

Life Today

Some faces of the life That if they inside differ from the realities and the peculiarities stoned of each one, move innumerable truths that want to be kept by the fear or the shame. Today I see the truth well mpia, and disclosed in simple words, because it is all simple ones excessively when one […]