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Culture And Behavior

The human world is the cultural world that, if constructs to the necessities gradual, to the life, the social and economic organization of distinct groups of different social classes. The construction of a culture concept, is of extreme importance, therefore, engloba the organic behavior of all the existing communities on the Land. We see that, […]

Empire Conflict

The war of Paraguay was the maneuver crueler politics of the history of our nation, because it obtained in so little time to exterminar one high number of blacks. The proprietors of slaves, for example, had obtained to burlar the determination of the Empire to not sending for the conflict its children men. Of this […]

Income Concentration

The present time is marked by the productive reorganization that precariza the conditions of work for contrareforms that undertake the reduction of the social rights, for one economic policy of high interests that favors the financial capital in detriment of the productive capital. The destructive logic of the capital deepens the income concentration, incites the […]

Universal Rights

The tecnicismo has been ones of the great villains for the depressing picture where if it finds the education Brazilian, this in very behind result practical didactic-pedagogical, the lack of studies and qualification in such a way of students and professors, beyond the administrative gaps that the schools if come across, I do not contend […]

Rattlesnake Trainer

63 professionals of the area of physical education had been searched, where all acted as personal to trainer, being 40 of masculine sex and 23 of the feminine sex. A questionnaire with eighteen 9 questions being question with three possibilities of answers, and 9 questions was filled with subjective answers. As inclusion criteria the interviewed […]