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Atlantica Hotels

Publication on 25.02.2008 in the Greek news. Atlantica Hotels & Resorts, 50% of which owned by tui Travel plc, and the leading Russian tour operators have agreed to build together for at least 20 four and five star hotels in the next 5-7 years. The parties met in the second session of the Joint Russian-Greek […]

Sergey Choban

This is the first such project in the city. First, until now, despite the existing demand, there was no office space "A" class, and the creators of the "5 of the Seas" was first announced in the capital construction of the SFD is such a building. "5 of the Seas" – a concept project. This […]

La Cala Golf Resort

The cost of apartments is between 400.000 , Villas – from 750.000 . Calahonda (Calahonda) Calahonda (Calahonda) – small Spanish town on the Costa del Sol (Costa del Sol), between the towns of Marbeya (Marbella) and Malaga (Malaga). Calahonda climate of the Mediterranean type. In summer the temperature here reaches +35 C, and winter does […]