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Effective Management

And management effective management of LAS EMOTIONS Carlos Mora Vanegas a of large failures that manifest in the exercise of his management management is with regard to handling the emotions the wrong. This has entailed that occurs in many companies, especially in the SMEs where there are many improvisation, conflicts organizational, giving way to a […]

Colombian Proposition

There are various types of mentafactos as the mentefactos concept, notional and propositional but first clarify briefly referred to in the mentefacto. The Mentefacto is a graphical tool developed for a Doctor and Colombian academic’s name Miguel de Zubiria Samper, which serves specifically to organize concepts, ideas, theories, and precise analysis of particular issues. Mentacto […]

The Manager

There opens a unique opportunity to develop emotional intelligence: childhood and adolescence are two critical moments, but at maturity the most people can educate with advantage their emotions. The Manager committed to achieving results in everything that promotes in its growth, and help others to achieve it, the basic emotional structure can be modified by […]