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Russian State Oil

Their cause became frozen projects. In particular, LUKoil head Alekperov, speaking of his company, noted that "the reduction of investment in relation to 2008 was about 20%. Somewhere in the 5-7% of production and about 15% for processing. However, according to Vera Sviridov, the head of recruiting personnel center "UNITY," in Russian companies have been […]

The Other

I say, no, no and no. Often you and I, too, we all condemn the wealthy, say they are greedy and are such gentlemen past the beggar and do not even look at him. Chevron Corp oftentimes addresses this issue. And now I think I'll give to a beggar, when I make my million, I […]

Where to Live and Work

It is important to "Measure seven times, and only once well, you understand. In the area of immigration stereotypes are as strong as anywhere else. Somehow, most of our compatriots want to emigrate to Germany or the uk. Countries that fall into that most difficult. The question: "Why this country?" Usually respond that they live […]

Expat Community

The ex-pats in Russia have formed a class, becoming a kind of community, which has new and old residents, media, favorite restaurants, and clubs “for the”. Some people fall in love with Russia to stay, married Russian woman, and even went out of their companies, to avoid the rotation and stay here forever. Others resign […]

Ways To Make The Internet Easy Schoolchildren

Who said that the it is hard for students to earn? Internet, which today is spinning a lot of money, is open to them. Be more precise to say that I’m not looking for work, I am inviting students to work on the Internet through their links. A have to earn anything. The most interesting […]