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Pharmaceutical Products

If you want something to be done, he appoints a responsible. If you want something be delayed eternally, appoints a Commission (Napoleon) ensure health through pharmaceutical products is without doubt, a sumptuous and profitable business. Unfortunately, in many countries, still including us the case of Venezuela, where to buy them represents a great sacrifice before […]

Brazilian Government

This affects the competitiveness of the tradable sectors that are also affected by the increases in rates affecting your financial situation. High interest rates threaten to affect the growth of these economies. Given this context, the scope for monetary policy action, is reduced while inflationary pressures seem to be not wane. The latest data show […]

Costa Brava Part

The Costa Brava is full of places to discover, many of which do not appear in the guides. If you stay in an apartment on the Costa Brava, you can not see lso following places (in addition to the of the first part of the article). 10 Daliniano triangle: the life and work of the […]


If the dollar goes up, the Government is concerned. If low the dollar, also. Then what you want to the Government, a dollar high or low? No doubt, as I said in a recent article, the Government wants a dollar to $4 by the end of the year. With that level you can keep the […]

The Time

He was still talking with inconsistency. I tried to make him shut up to speak out, but he continued with his unintelligible screed, as if already not I was more than a translucent figure without substance or weight and gravitation. I tried to deprive me of the sacred horror that gives me the idea of […]

Excel Process

In other words: in the field of exchanging politician one rich and complex reality expected to be studied, analyzed and interpreted. The process of political exchange in electoral moments occurs between citizens and candidates or political elites to occupy positions of power in government structures. The candidates offer better public policies, possible solutions to solve […]

Combat Wrinkles

With very similar characteristics to the Rosa Mosqueta, find the Borago officinalis, a plant of Mediterranean origin with a presence in Spain, commonly called Borage. This plant is characterized by a starry blue flowers, and is considered a plant with emollient and protective properties, anti-inflammatory and diuretic. With its seeds is the (1st cold pressure) […]

AVE Madrid Barcelona

Normally companies have clear what his competition, but an excessively narrow vision of the situation can have unexpected consequences. The data offered by the National Commission of competition us illustrate the problem happened in the trade. We have heard for years the battle of small businesses against large areas, in which the first felt at […]

State of Mind

Besides that it produces an effect deep on your state of mind. 5. When can not remember where you left some object, for example. auto keys or your portfolio, the stress will automatically block your memory. For these cases it is best relax, close your eyes a moment, breathe deeply and exhales slowly; now, you […]

Social Security Disability

The Social Security disability benefits, are offered to people who can not perform any work activity due to illness or accident at work, after exhausting, typically 18 months of temporary incapacity. This disease is not limited solely to physical disability, because the law also includes the cases of mental disabilities, as well as situations of […]