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Crysis Warhead

Recently, Kevat Wehrli (President of Crytek) complained that they lose income due to piracy in the market for PC games. He said: exclusives for the PC market now is not all games in the series and Crysis will appear on the Playstation3 and Xbox360. But in fact, after Some time after the announcement, Crytek announced […]

Creative Photographer

It has become axiomatic that only a negligible percentage of a large number of persons becoming professional photographers. Fortunately, the main cause of failure is more often that people are not strong enough they want to. Jim Rogers may not feel the same. They generally not particularly trying to succeed. And the one who succeeds […]

Alla Pugacheva Cameras

Since the onset of pinhole cameras in the last decade of the XIX century, has flowed more than a century. The camera has ceased to be an incredible rarity, work which has the ability to have just a very long time who studied connoisseur. Strictly speaking, there is currently the device is much more widely […]