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Finances Tax

The high Spanish positions have a wage that ascends to 90,000 Euros like minimum. This amount can be seen modified according to the developed activity, the characteristics of the company in which they carry out his work, as well as own characteristics of each person, like the age, the experience or the knowledge of languages, […]

Natural Resources

In Europe, winter returned. Oddities of Nature in Russia: the 'plus-' temperature records, flying cats and yellow snow. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Angus King by clicking through. Ministry of Natural Resources will pay for the reports of environmental crimes. Russia plans to introduce a moratorium on fishing sturgeon. In Europe and […]

Political Economy

But the price of the product line of its inner qualities, its value determined at the level of purely subjective perception. However, in a market equilibrium is a subjective line, acquiring plural form, turns in a relatively objective phenomenon in the form of objective magnitude of the value of the goods. Absolutely the same objective […]

Clip Art

Block 'Tables' allows us to insert table (and only insert as for editing it will be used appears after you insert a table under 'Working with Tables "tab and accompanying' Design and Layout '- you can not see this section until until insert a table). Block 'Illustrations' lets put a picture from a file, a […]

Excellency Center

Institutions only known as excellency center can be specialized universities. The institutions not-colleges student: they act in a specific area of knowledge or professional formation. The creation of new superior courses depends on the authorization of the executive (Decree n 3,860/01, art. 13). institutions not-colleges student are composed for the Integrated Facultieses, Federal Centers of […]

Educational Management

But as Freire said (1994), it becomes richer the reflection and inquiry in relation the education, therefore she is on to a theory and practical related the formation of the citizen including the construction of a vision necessary politics for a democracy legalizes. Never let us stow so citizens the word citizenship as in the […]

Information Technology

The heroine of today's interview with John was born in Ukraine, graduated from Zaporozhye Institute of Economics and Information Technology. As a student of the 5th year, went to Germany on the program Au-pair. After returning briefly worked as an interpreter of English and German, and in 2009 again became a member of the program […]

Virtual Reading

The reading of workmanships of Chartier (1999), Santaella (1996), Villaa (2002), Foucambert (1994), To sound (2002), Darnton (2010), had served of arrives in port theoretical for this research. With the advent of the new technologies, Internet, in the end of the years 80 and beginning of years 90 it had an enormous propagation of the […]

National Curricular Lines

Such element, in the Course of Formation, has the intention to collaborate for the formation of the identity of the searching, reflective and operating professor in the society. Having the practical one of formation to be understood as space that oportunize the efetivao of the knowledge and knowing necessary the professor to problematizar pedagogical practical […]


Of this form, it is evident that, the professionals of the education, need to possess some necessary abilities they will make that them to assume itself to know on to practical the pedagogical one prioritizing of this form its participation in planned and creative educative situations, in a critical position inside and outside of the […]