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American Classmates

Almost a year I spent on the road and has written many stories that are broadcast on a popular radio now. Network, of course, reduce the distance. I now I spend more time at home with my family. "What and who else may be useful and interesting new network? Rector believes that admission. "In recent […]

Information Technology

Beginning of the twentieth century was marked by rapid development of Internet and information technology. But it is more concerned the Western and European countries than us. In Russia, as before dating service 'worked' only newspaper classified ads, where single people post messages with their contact details. As for the Internet, it will be available […]

Fulfill Dreams

"That's impossible!" – Said the cause. "This is folly!" – Said experience. 'It's useless! "- Cut off the Pride. "Try …" – whispered dream. I have written repeatedly of how powerful a motivator can be a real, big dreams. I personally do not understand people who do not have any dreams, or dream … they […]