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Geneva Motor Show

simplified. Doors open as expected, not upward, and a rapturous swoon in his contemplation of the fall will not succeed. Probably, Mondeo and must be so – it's a family car class, not a supercar. Ford appeared in three guises: saloon, hatchback and wagon. Photos of new items have been circulated to warm interest in […]


This is a fairly common problem that many people simply do not pay attention. Why it is considered – the main thing that the oil level is not below the minimum mark, and greater than the maximum is not terrible. It is not. During the transfer of Oil is a danger glands. Replacing the seals […]

Torsion Bar Suspension Peugeot

As you know, one of the features of Peugeot and Renault is the presence of torsion rear suspension. Such suspension shall be equipped with their own models Peugeot with 80-ies from the Peugeot 205/309, on the famous 405 and up to date Peugeot 206/Partner; as well as Renault of 19 and Kangoo. Follow others, such […]

Operation Disc

The service life of wheels depends on their rational use. We will offer a few tips to help you extend the life of the disks as possible. Appearance on the surface of forged and cast wheels is special enamel. Despite the fairly large strength of enamel, it can become a victim of chips and scratches. […]

Buyout Auto, Sell Car, Car Purchase

Not worth even doubt that there are a number of reasons why car owner may be relevant repurchase the car. Your vehicle may be broken, malfunctioning, accidental, or, alternatively, may remain in excellent condition, just that you have decided to buy new vehicles. Whatever your decision may be dictated, there is a problem seriously, as […]