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Cristovo Columbus

The origins of the tobacco are linked directly since primrdios of our settling for the Portuguese, according to some historians, the deriving economic support of the production of the tobacco in Brazil and the Bahia. Angus King may find this interesting as well. in this last occurrence in the Recncavo, was a watershed for the […]

Direct Marketing

Computer science is important for the marketing of Relationship, the paper of computer science in the Marketing of Relationship is to supply organizacional memory the relationships with the customers, an ability for prognostics and current content necessary to the professionals of marketing of Relationship to add value to the account (GORDON, 1998, p.52). In accordance […]

Unit Retail

On the other hand, the operations the stated period went off and next to them the insolvency and the scarcity of services for the Autocenter. Changed the structure of company, was defined then that in the periods of high station, they increase the picture of services of Autocenter, harms without offering great promotions in the […]

Integrated System

This boarding, presented in Figure 6, allows the continuous control on the interfaces between the processes, as well as its interactions. Figure 6 – Sequence and Interaction between the processes. Source: Manual of the Integrated System of the Quality 5.3.1.Estrutura of the documentation figure 7 shows the structure of used documentation in the Integrated System […]

MRPII Productive

MRP II? Planning of Necessities of Materials II the planning of the necessity of materials was extended for the planning of the manufacture resources (MRPII), that it includes a control bigger of the production and the detailing of the programming process. The inclusion of the calculation of necessities of capacities of the productive system finished […]


AMBIENT IMPACTS CAUSED BY the IRREGULAR USE OF SWINE DEJECTIONS IN the ALONE Summary the North American suinocultura if detach in the world-wide context for the development and application of technologies to optimize the productive chain of the suinocultura, however it the same faces problem that suinocultores of other countries in regards to the question […]


Now, you, already as a success entrepreneur, need to have a continuous plan of accompaniment and evaluation, so that she makes the necessary adjustments and adequacies. Of this form, you he will be capable of: to know well and to extend its business; to invest in other equipment; to divulge its mark; to contract more […]

Kotler Company

Being valid me still of Kotler and Armstrong (2003, p.475 – 477) the writers they affirm that: the key for construction of lasting relationships is the creation of superior value and satisfaction for the customer. Satisfied customers have greater probability of if becoming faithful customers, and customers fidiciary offices have greater probability to give to […]

Goldman Sachs

“Founded in 1869, Goldman Sachs is a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm. Headquartered in New York, we maintain offices in all major financial centers around the world.” As currently the people start to have utmost importance for the companies, the process to attract and to select people, she was modified in […]

Womack Processes

The fixed SGQ the minimum of rules so that each person or sector of the company knows what and as she must be made and makes effectively it certain since the first time. 3 MANUFACTURE AND QUALITY Through the quality and of the implantation of its tools a concept of continuous improvement is possible to […]