State of Mind

Besides that it produces an effect deep on your state of mind. 5. When can not remember where you left some object, for example. auto keys or your portfolio, the stress will automatically block your memory. For these cases it is best relax, close your eyes a moment, breathe deeply and exhales slowly; now, you will rebuild what you’ve done previously, what you did 5 minutes ago, and so it goes on until you ubiques the lost object.

6 Understand what you’re reading facilitates you the process of memorization. A recommendation is to not pass line or next paragraph if you’ve not understood the above. There are many people who read a paragraph and when they have understood it put a mark at the end; You can do the same! 7. When you are reading or studying, try to think with images, since the imagination and thought are United, this technique will allow you remember events or episodes of a particular topic. You can achieve this there are two recommendations: – exaggerates certain features, as if outside a caricature – Dale movement to your images as if they were a movie 8.-get several breaks while you read or study for remember what you learn. Many people used this time to write two or three words on a card, also made some scheme or make a small summary. It is important that you review your notes constantly to increase the number of repeticiones-fijaciones getting this oblivion is delayed. 9.

Normally when we read or look at something just before sleep, so remember quite well the next morning, during sleep there is no interference. This technique works very well to many people, try it! 10 Uses the mnemonic or tricks to remember: mnemonic rules are a set of tricks, almost always language, to facilitate memorization. They are based on remember best what you is known or that you yourself have created. * Uses the technique of cartoon: which consists of constructing a story with elements that you want to remember. For example, if you want to remember a series of numbers might be: 007-727-180-7-10-2230-2300-2. 007 Agent boarded the boeing 727 Saw a stewardess of 1.80 m and decided to request a seven (7) up to talk with her. He saw her watch were 10. The plane landed at 22: 30, invited her to leave and remained at 23: 00. They had dinner and talked until 2. * String technique: consists in linking the words within a summary or outline that have an essential meaning and which are logically related: example: to remember the first line of the periodic table of the chemical elements: Litio-berilio-boro-carbono-nitrogeno-oxigeno-fluor-neon. If you have to memorize this series, a good method is to make a sentence with the first or first few letters of each of these elements: the BBC does not work. Notes that the L of lithium has been used (the), the B of beryllium and boron, the C carbon (BBC), the N in nitrogen and oxygen O (), the Fluorine F and the N from Neon (doesn’t).

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