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A preview of what will be the new look of the search engine is already known more large, when it shows the results of our searches. We are accustomed to the monolithic and Spartan aspect of the search engine since its initial launch, where none or very few changes, at least in image, have been introduced. That does not mean that Google does not evolve, but otherwise, there is no company in the network that innovate more often than they are numerous upgrades that generate every day for all its products. Now, in what appears to be a new strategy, it seems that lately the efforts are distributed also in a shy formal redesign of all the products that are on the network. Thus noticeable changes have been recently in Adwords, Adsense and their graphical interfaces, as well as Analytics and other services. But the search engine is resistia to abandon its traditional image. variations in appearance, that improve usability seems to be the performance of the search engine will improve much fundamentally in its usability.

Thus, would be available from a left sidebar, displaying a menu with different options of search next to the results of the same type. It would have a tab for News, images, Blogs, etc according to the type of search you want. This avoids the hassle of current return again and again to the top of the page to choose another type of search, whose current bar is eliminated. Google more Social Media in real time like in the last paragraph of this side menu, appears the tab updates, which provides search results more recent results in real time on Twitter. Here is where Google is advancing a little more, and explicitly combines search and social media to do search engine something more alive than a simple warehouse. The strong point of this novelty, will be on the use of face to the authority of the web pages that make Google the twit that they originate for classification (page rank, etc.). Once more its famous algorithms that if that will be difficult that we learn. Don’t you think that it is an important step forward in the search engine? Does that you anadirias your? You can see other interesting articles in

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