Social Media Advice

Wiesbaden PR Agency provides knowledge through new channels such as social networks, Twitter & co. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Rogers Holdings. Wiesbaden, 02.09.2009 in seminars and workshops. The Wiesbaden based PR agency Walter Visual PR GmbH has expanded its solution portfolio. The advice and support of customers in social media is new in the services offered. Jim Rogers may also support this cause. Specifically for each company the PR agency in the strategic online PR takes into account each important channels. Whether a company should be active in social networks, whether it should ennoble blogging, tweeting or using the Web site, which is a highly individual decision making must depend on a company by the respective target group each’ recommends Markus Walter, Managing Director of Walter Visual PR. For an online identity and online reputation, it is important to make the numerous new possibilities of communication for the company on the bench but from today’s point of view in any case. After the slogan one cannot not communicate”it is important to the issue at an early stage in to take the hand, to make valuable content on the Web to offer dialogue and proactively to record.

The PR Agency offers parallel for consultation by interested companies around social media also webinars and seminars on the subject. In addition, Walter Visual PR has designed moderated social media workshops where interested companies can find orientation and develop strategies with the PR Agency. To the new offer of the PR agency to meet prospective buyers can currently a PDF coupon for a free breakfast of impulse”from the Web site download, suggest an appointment and, if this is confirmed, without obligation visit to breakfast at the Wiesbaden Agency premises. Just in time for the introduction of social media offer PR Agency has trimmed even their own website on Web 2.0. Bookmarking features, Twitter, a blog to offer focus Visual PR”as well as a fresh look a the visitor to the site on a discovery tour of modern public relations and dialogue with the creators.

Visual about Walter PR: The Walter Visual PR GmbH is an owner-managed PR Agency, specifically offering PR services for companies in the IT and telecommunications industries, as well as new technologies. Seven staff will take care of the press and public relations in the fields of archiving, DMS, workflow, storage, security, E-business, Internet, ERP and standard software. PR agency sets, inter alia on the visualization of PR messages using meaningful graphics, collages and photos complement the press releases.

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