As the demand It is very fragmented, there is also fragmenting bid. There are different ways of approaching customers of different profiles: voice marketing, telemarketing, marketing of social networks, e-mail, SMS 3.Be prepared to sell. The vast majority of employers only have in mind sell, sell and sell without prepare for this, thinking that your sales force must remove the chestnuts from the fire because that’s what they are. Does this sound familiar? The solution is not to sell more but sell better. To be reckoned with a kit of effective tools as having Web page and invest in the human factor, i.e.

devote time and resources to motivate sellers, listen to them and train them. This helps to raise labor productivity significantly. 4. Create associated services. It is something as simple as creating a very attractive proposal for short-term that invite the customer to take the opportunity, but that us the benefits over the period of the service life. 5 Make alliances with suppliers and even other entrepreneurs to achieve produce more cheaply, and have new sales channels. 6.

Do not lose not even a single customer. It is easier to keep and sell to customers that already we have to attract and sell to new. 7. Know your customer portfolio. Only if we know who our clients are the best in terms of solvency and profitability, we focus our efforts of loyalty in them and rationalize the budget that we have planned for this goal. In difficult times Sintesisen the best bet to increase sales is to make a commercial setting, which has nothing to do with dismissals, but rather do an in-depth analysis of your market and your sales force in order to identify services complement you or new market niches and resolve weaknesses in your sellers, as well as enhance their knowledge and skills with training and proper training to strengthen the sales process. Remember the crisis sharpens the wit!

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