Opredelit what kind of holiday you want. Remember, a vacation for you was the most useful and enjoyable, and make list. 3. Compile a list of options for relaxation during the working unit, day, week and year that matches your taste and budget. 4. Prepare for the rest: designate or prepare a place for recreation, to collect the bag with the necessary and a plan of action. 5.Otdohnut.

Short-term holiday. Researchers found that for most types of work the optimal duration of rest breaks of 5-15 minutes. It was during this time period we can recover without losing a working mood. Longer breaks are fraught with loss of concentration. Possible options for the following short rest: 1-2 minutes every 30 minutes, 5-15 minutes every hour, every 10-15 minutes, 1, 5 hours. List options for short breaks for knowledge workers: Lie down, close your eyes and try not to think about (for example, pose from yoga Shavasana 15 min), 10 respiratory cycles (6 s inspiration, 6 sec delay 6 sec exhalation, 6 seconds delay) Walking along the corridor, office, street, View the paintings of great artists, listen to pleasant music, to prepare and drink tea, coffee and lively conversation with a friend or colleague, watching video, water the flowers, clean up on the desktop, change the topic of work, switch to another task, to go outside (balcony) – do some simple exercises to warm up, short sleep. The stronger the switch, the better you will be able to relax and rejuvenate, “the better you can relax.

An important factor in a good rest – it’s attention. Even if the whole team is going to drink coffee, but you feel that you need to be alone – be self-esteem and refuse invitations. These short interruptions play an important role in the recovery process, as in the level of performance throughout the day. It is better to make a 4 breaks of 15 minutes than to rest for 1 hour. Most important in the rest – it is your awareness, your presence in this process. Because if you do automatically, still loaded with finding solutions or analysis on business issues, the search will ineffective.

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