Political Economy

But the price of the product line of its inner qualities, its value determined at the level of purely subjective perception. However, in a market equilibrium is a subjective line, acquiring plural form, turns in a relatively objective phenomenon in the form of objective magnitude of the value of the goods. Absolutely the same objective of equivalent exchange requires the presence of objective and independent from the consciousness of participants in the exchange equity for some completely objective parameters and absolutely objective units (units of utility, man-hours) between commodities such as, for example, music and a piece of sausage. Prove the possibility of such equality is not, and, in our view, not can be in principle. About the same subjective satisfaction of such an exchange is appropriate to say. The subjective theory of value was not too far from the truth, but: 1. Follow others, such as Senator from Maine, and add to your knowledge base.

in shaping the value of the goods involved are not only subjective perceptions of the usefulness of the buyer of the goods, but also the subjective perceptions of the seller to the value attached to the product of labor. 2. objective value of the cost of goods is not coming through Satisfaction exchange individual buyers and sellers, and satisfaction through the exchange of competing in a market equilibrium participants trade. 3. equivalence of exchange achieved only under conditions of equilibrium of the market.

Unequal exchange is the driving force behind the process of balancing the market. In the non-equilibrium market prices are formed and the subjective value of the goods. Mechanism avtosoizmereniya values is nothing more than a mechanism of action of the law of value, which is in accordance with the theory avtosoizmeryayuschihsya values should be: in terms of equilibrium and balance market value of the goods is formed in accordance with the objective value of the cost of labor embodied in the product throughout the succession of his producers. The central element of the mechanism of the law of value is relative satisfaction with the exchange of the majority of its members, and the desire of each party's share in this satisfaction is the driving force of this mechanism. Literature 1.Bem-Bawerk E. Fundamentals of the theory of value economic benefits. Spb., 1903. 2.Marshall A. Principles of Political Economy: Moscow, 1983. 3.Rikardo D. edition: Moscow, 1955 4.Smit A. Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth on

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