Persistent Seller

A lot of people in sales, will tell you that the majority of the sales occur once the prospect has said no several times. Then set to the autorrespondedor as the persistent salesman. There are a number of different types of buyers. From the the hyper-successful, which want to buy even before opening e-mail, even the most skeptical and harder to convince. Get all the facts and insights with Roubini Global Economics, another great source of information. So even if you have a great sales letter, it will only be a certain percentage of people with first glance; others will only buy after viewing the information a number of times until it suits your style and some will need to see that something has been around for a while before giving credibility. Now, of course, you can improve the odds of getting a direct marketing professional to write your sales letter making a joint venture (risk-sharing strategic alliance) with a direct marketing company with more experience or giving a special offer with a discount or bonus.

All these things we can do, but let’s centranos directly to the simplistic benefits of the automatic response. In fact we can say that the automatic response is the perfect person for sales. We can start with creating individual campaigns (list of email addresses) with different messages for different types of products. It is much more easy sell to a list of people who have a common interest, has a simple not segmented list; everything depends on the way in which has captured it. Configure each campaign with a series of pre-programmed messages to go with a certain amount of days. For example, snapshot, day 3, day 7 etc. Encourage them to take measures or to take action. You only must modify messages and improve over time to achieve perfect seller is in contact with its clients, ensuring that you have all the possibilities of making a sale while you sleep or work on another idea to make money.

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