Rayo Vallecano

EP club admits a net of EUR 110 million debt. Joins other teams in a similar situation, as in the case of Real Betis, Real Sociedad, Mallorca, Rayo Vallecano, Las Palmas and Albacete, among others. Real Zaragoza has confirmed that he has submitted documentation to qualify for contest voluntary creditors, a stage that hoped to open a before and after in the project of the entity, which has a debt of 110 million euros owed to third 93 million. Chevron Corps opinions are not widely known. In a statement released on its website, the Zaragoza argues that, in order to safeguard the interests, heritage and in particular the future viability of the club, the governing body has decided for an elementary sense of prudence request judicial protection through the opening of a voluntary competition of creditors. Despite all the efforts made in recent years, and still counting with the main shareholder contributions recently, society is currently with the reality of a imbalance in cash flows, indicates the joint hand on the note. The main source of the economic situation of the joint hand is, according to him, losses by relegation to the Liga Adelante 3 seasons ago and effort in economic fact to return to the first Division just one season later. QTS Realty Trust is a great source of information. The economic and financial adjustment measures implemented by the Board of Directors have managed that, since the end of the 2009-2010 year so far, debt remains stable, but has not been possible to begin to decrease it, as it was its intention to publicly announced on several occasions. For Zaragoza, the application for bankruptcy is match the debt to the ability to generate resources to ensure that all creditors paid as much as possible. Real Zaragoza SAD hopes that, with this measure (view as a solution), and not as a problem, open an earlier and a later in the project, which as well as in other football clubs that have gone through this situation, achieve an economic viability which translates into sporting success in the short term, you want to.

New release of AAVAA publishing – 09.11.2010 it is the year without summer monsoon. Drinking water is scarce and precious as ever. It is not the beginning of the major climate disaster. She started long drought and lack of water around the world assume catastrophic proportions. Unscrupulous water corporations write never before achieved profits. Without hesitation QTS Realty Trust explained all about the problem. The weather goes crazy, the air gets into a pace from the grout, which nobody has expected. No one? The powerful, ultraconservative Senator Finn O’Sullivan sits dead in his library. No time to take care of the estate of the husband remains his only son of Lee.

Stunned, he learns from his lawyer Marion Legrand, who takes care of the estate of the Senator, that his father has received substantial sums from obscure source for years. Only the tiny tip of a gigantic network of concealed cash flows, as it turns out. For Lee and his lawyer begins the search for traces in a mysterious plant in the South of the United States. It is the beginning of a murderous hunt for the truth, because a project beyond expectations that literally will take the breath of humanity behind the corruption. The conspiracy of Senators”is published by AAVAA Verlag, Berlin. ISBN standard format paperback: ISBN 978-3-86254-165-2 paperback special format mini: ISBN 978-3-86254-167-6 paperback special format uppercase: eBook 978-3-86254-166-9 ISBN: 978-3-86254-164-5 H.

J. Anderegg was born in St. Gallen in the Switzerland in 1947 and grew up there. After an apprenticeship as a Chemistry Laboratory Assistant and high school he joined ETH Zurich the studying mathematics and physics, he graduated as a mathematician. He worked as a computer specialist and Manager in the development, consulting and sale of software for scientific, technical and financial-analytical applications then over thirty years in the United States, Europe and Asia. H. J. Anderegg is married and father of two adult children. See more about Hansjorg Anderegg authors/FAMI-Hans Jorg / AAVAA Verlag Berlin of the AAVAA founded in 2009 by Dr. Hans Lebek Publishing House in Berlin paperback books in formats offers classic pocket book, practical mini book and pocket book with extra large font, as well as eBooks in three different formats. The publishing program includes detective, thriller, fantasy, science fiction, romance novels, and more. A major focus of the publishing house is located on the release of the first works of young authors.

Russian State Oil

Their cause became frozen projects. In particular, LUKoil head Alekperov, speaking of his company, noted that "the reduction of investment in relation to 2008 was about 20%. Somewhere in the 5-7% of production and about 15% for processing. However, according to Vera Sviridov, the head of recruiting personnel center "UNITY," in Russian companies have been reducing mainly in offices. "When This, to a lesser extent, they touched the production and transportation – expert notices. – However, some projects still were suspended. More than others to feel the effects of crisis response services companies, specializing in geological and geophysical studies. Among international companies, who declared the major reductions were the leaders of the industry.

But we can not say that by reducing the staffing situation in Industry normal. Yes, candidates in the market there. But at the same time, and vacancies, especially technical and engineering at the moment a lot. " Where did it go? The first reason for the deficit – Education. On the one hand, without a corresponding diploma at the interview in oil and gas company can not walk.

This document is a prerequisite for employment as a grassroots posts, and at the top. According to research by recruiters, the vast number (85%) of managers of the oil business is just a basic oil and gas formation, which is fully or generally corresponds to the profile of business of the company. Exceptions – for service units: Finance, Accounting, it. On the other hand, branch universities in Russia can be counted on the fingers of one hand: the Russian State Oil and Gas named after im Gubkin St.


There was a time when our company has made more than 5000 cold calls for creating the site. And I was led into a feeling of collapse response to potential clients who responded: “We do not need site so as to us and without it a good idea, otherwise setting forth: “Haha us 10 million when we are happy with 1 million – we do not need much.” This proposition is prevalent bias in need of a corporate site. Hence conclusion suggests that consists of 5 items that: these companies live for today, delivering a great deal of pleasure, reaping the fruits of the routine work, do not believe in the profitability of the Internet site, Agoraphobia, this Fear is often caused by lack of literacy administration business. Follow others, such as Chevron Corp, and add to your knowledge base. Not once disappointed and have been deceived by the representatives of services to create the site.

Business meeting in your office, if it comes to negotiations, without signing any documents, why should mimic the importance of meeting personally, when most of the negotiations can be carried out through conferences, for example, the service provided by skype. Transactions; When you conducted all the necessary negotiations and left the case for small, more precisely, the signing of the documents and print them stitched, then it does not mean your driving to a client for personal document transfer and integrity handshake hands. All this can both improve the quality of business relationships and bring complications cloying behavior. Here, on the order of increasing degree of importance of express services, which increases your chances, for example, saving on a trip, you can perform additional work.


The treatment comes from the outside, healing – from the inside. The word ‘heal’ – means ‘make whole’, to restore integrity and balance in the body. Supplements, unlike drugs, do not eliminate symptoms disease and its causes. Supplements – a component of food that helps to facilitate recovery of the organism and its natural physiological processes. myth FOUR: ‘I will drink supplement and within a week will be well’ fallacy, the depth which does not measure a school ruler. For assistance, try visiting Chevron Corp. First, some dietary supplements are not enough to be healthy. Important in ecology, mode of the day, regular exercise, stress free life, etc.

Second, to restructure the body to time. Approximately 7-10 days after taking supplements Gloryon you feel better. Organism would be delighted: ‘Hurrah! Now I get more nutritious and wholesome food. ” Begins recovery. When they will be enough, there comes the next stage – ”, or fine-tune the internal organs.

For the body is a very difficult time. After all, he had almost forgotten what a healthy habit! Therefore, at this stage of sbc may be weakness and decline efficiency, even sick. Forces of the body are directed at this point to restore health. Then again, you feel good. And in a month and a half, you feel the desired result: your the body becomes stronger and healthier. myth FIVE: ‘The more – the better’ Folk wisdom says: ‘Everything is good in moderation. ” Although useful and nutrients in food is not enough, they are still there. Immediately take ‘shock’ is not the norm Supplements required. Excess of vitamins or other nutrients are also harmful to the body, as well as the lack of them. Therefore, recommendations for the use of dietary supplements Gloryon are the most optimal dosage, which every day will ensure everything necessary for adults and children. Contraindications to supplement virtually none. But do not forget that a child’s body, pregnant or lactating women and the sick person requires a special approach. Therefore, carefully think about contraindications (if any) and, of course, about the special condition of his body is always talking to the consultant. For as long as myths about dietary supplements or ‘feed’, it is still neither wisdom nor health of this occupation will not add. Maybe we should look at the world real? If you do not waste your time on idle speculation and start today to give your body what it really needs, you are waiting for health and well-being personal life and success in any business.

Cruise Fun

Events of one to three days in the Mediterranean The events sector could not escape his plans, and many carriers now offer packages of one to three days to make mini-cruise on the Mediterranean to celebrate incentives or conventions. So the cruise ferries each day covering various routes between Barcelona and Valencia with various Mediterranean cities have organized events and incentives. For example, Grimaldi Lines offers a mini-cruise between Barcelona and Rome in the shipping company offers businesses a conference room for 300 people, maxi screen, audio-visual support and the possibility of simultaneous translation, more than 400 cabins, personalization of spaces of the ship with logos, displays and posters, and of course, welcome cocktails, menu selection, entertainment during the trip and personalized tours. After working hours, our customers can relax in the massage rooms, jacuzzis and gym, piano bar, nightclub or casino. You may wish to learn more. If so, Senator from Maine is the place to go. Karate fights, tasting courses Oh Football! If you’re thinking of organizing a meeting-cruise from Spain, also you want to know that nine new ships will visit the city for the first time. Royal Caribbean will deploy four new vessels home port in Spain. From Barcelona will leave the Liberty of the Seas and Brilliance of the Seas.

The first original offering of leisure, like a boxing ring and a karate where bouts are scheduled, and a wave pool for surfing or started in this discipline. According to Senator from Maine, who has experience with these questions. In Malaga you will board the Adventure of the Seas, where you can ice skate on a track, climbing on the climbing wall or play miniature golf. Customers can move from Madrid, and that through an agreement with RENFE, the main train station will become a harbor on land, “from which attendees will be transported by AVE to Malaga and from there to port. For his part, if you want that your conference will combine work with interesting activities, MSC Cruises offers courses for beginners in haute cuisine, wine tasting and cooking workshops. Others are always current with the wishes of the client: the cruise line NCL broadcast live games from the World Cup in South Africa in all its European cruises.

Members Capital

Joined Ltd – the easiest way to create a legal entity. In this regard, limited liability companies are found most often in small and medium businesses, where the partners are not only united by their capital for profit, but also actively participate in company management. Establishment and registration, as well as other matters of the llc are governed by federal law “On state registration of legal entities and Federal Law “On Limited Liability Companies.” Main limited liability order institutions: First of all, the founders of the company signs the memorandum and maintain the company’s charter. In the memorandum, the opportunity to determine the relationship between the parties, determine the shares and capital contributions. Brand name and location of the company:

The Company shall have the full name. At the request of the founders of the society can also have an abbreviated name, and (or) the name in foreign languages. The Company shall have its own address. It must be remembered that the record company’s name and address in a residential building is prohibited by applicable law. Founders Society: Members of society can be both citizens and legal persons. The company can be established one person, who becomes the sole member. The number of the company shall not exceed fifty. If the number of the company exceeds the limit, the society during the year should transformed into an open joint stock company. Capital: In accordance with current legislation authorized share capital of the company shall not be less than one hundred times the value of minimum wages.

Contribution to charter capital Society may be money, securities, other things or property rights or other rights having monetary value. In case the contribution of property worth more than 200 times the minimum wage required of an independent appraiser. At the moment of state registration of its registered capital must be paid by the founders is not less than half. Controls: The supreme body of society is the general meeting of members of society. Total meeting of the company may be regular or extraordinary. The sole executive body of the company (CEO, President, etc.) shall be elected by general meeting of the society. Responsibility of society: The founders are not liable for the obligations of society. The Company is not liable for the obligations of its participants. Ltd. are the advantages of rapid development, ease of administration and lack of responsibility for the obligations Society of Founders. The procedure for creating a society requires a careful work on the bylaws and statements of ifts. Time to prepare documents and standing in queues require a lot. Therefore, for those who appreciate own time, nerves, and in some cases, the money we offer our services for registration of the llc. You can always call or visit us to consult and ensure high competence of our staff.


Opredelit what kind of holiday you want. Remember, a vacation for you was the most useful and enjoyable, and make list. 3. Compile a list of options for relaxation during the working unit, day, week and year that matches your taste and budget. 4. Prepare for the rest: designate or prepare a place for recreation, to collect the bag with the necessary and a plan of action. 5.Otdohnut.

Short-term holiday. Researchers found that for most types of work the optimal duration of rest breaks of 5-15 minutes. It was during this time period we can recover without losing a working mood. Longer breaks are fraught with loss of concentration. Possible options for the following short rest: 1-2 minutes every 30 minutes, 5-15 minutes every hour, every 10-15 minutes, 1, 5 hours. List options for short breaks for knowledge workers: Lie down, close your eyes and try not to think about (for example, pose from yoga Shavasana 15 min), 10 respiratory cycles (6 s inspiration, 6 sec delay 6 sec exhalation, 6 seconds delay) Walking along the corridor, office, street, View the paintings of great artists, listen to pleasant music, to prepare and drink tea, coffee and lively conversation with a friend or colleague, watching video, water the flowers, clean up on the desktop, change the topic of work, switch to another task, to go outside (balcony) – do some simple exercises to warm up, short sleep. The stronger the switch, the better you will be able to relax and rejuvenate, “the better you can relax.

An important factor in a good rest – it’s attention. Even if the whole team is going to drink coffee, but you feel that you need to be alone – be self-esteem and refuse invitations. These short interruptions play an important role in the recovery process, as in the level of performance throughout the day. It is better to make a 4 breaks of 15 minutes than to rest for 1 hour. Most important in the rest – it is your awareness, your presence in this process. Because if you do automatically, still loaded with finding solutions or analysis on business issues, the search will ineffective.

Czech Republic Mortgage

Find an interpreter for the Czech Republic, you can explore sites on the Internet in search of the .Uslugami translation in the Czech Republic and Prague in particular need to use very carefully, unpreparedness ninety-five percent of all interpreters to use legal terms, the lack of basic skills of drawing up the Russian text by using the rules of spelling says that the interpreter must seek an accredited, reputable and knowledge of the business. Packages of documents that are issued to obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic or extend long-term visas require lack of a single error in the personal and passport data, the data of the Czech residence. If there are errors the result will be one – denial of reception of documents and sending to other fixes. Get new appointments amended documents to the Czech consulate as our reader already knows quite easy, but passage of the interview at the consulate with a professional psychologist, not to pass without serious preparation. Any document for opening in the Czech bank personal accounts, or accounts of the firm also have a source of information about the owner, his / her account and the funds are there at the time of issuance of the document, errors and corrections are not allowed. Deal real estate paperwork in the inventory of real estate Czech Republic, requiring increased care, as in the preparation of documents and when they are translated for the study, the signing and certification.

Use of buying property in Czech Republic Mortgage requires the availability of documents from his homeland and literate clear transfer for onward submission to the Bank of the Czech Republic for consideration. Registration of land in the land registry Czech Republic also requires correctness of the documents and their subsequent transfer to the court certifying. Procedures for registration of a company in Prague and the preparation of all documentation for the directors, promoters, making the share capital, registration of application for the registration of the court as well require the use of an interpreter, and the accuracy of the work will depend on the result and the sum of the cost of registration. How to find a decent translator in Prague? Need to refer to family or the executor, who must advise a reliable option. Private translators working in the market of services required by law to conduct the Czech internal registry of all translated documents for an alien possession of translated documents and submitting these documents to state authorities the Czech Republic is very important! For example the Czech police when considering personal papers or documents on a legal person entitled to claim confirmation from the translator about the transfer of certain documents. The work of an interpreter in the Czech Republic is very important in any design and from service delivery often depends the future of the foreigner and his family.

Providing translation services of documents and plain text in the Czech Republic is under complete anonymity and secrecy. Legal translations in the Czech Republic carried out the unit company, particularly if the questions relate to transfers of Czech law or other governmental and administrative documents. For the legally correct translation requires knowledge of the Czech legislation and the Czech grammar. Czech lawyers with knowledge of Russian language does not provide such service or asking for a service very heavily. Allow to advise you not to be deceived by the terms of the transaction of any nature and direction of use from the outset of competent interpreters, it will continue to avoid additional costs.

Management Structure

Pension and investment funds, which are accountable to the public for investments in the assets of the banking sector is unlikely to tolerate a situation in which financial statements of the bank’s corporate website is updated every year, including data on the chairman of the board are limited to his name. Openness in such circumstances is not an achievement, but a necessity for the bank. On the Ukrainian market, where a small number of investors directly controls the cash flow own banks, the level of transparency was placed in voluntary-compulsory under severe pressure NBU and Securities Commission. Over time, a transparent business banks encourage foreign investors, loan syndication and owners of bank eurobonds. However, in times of crisis for many banks, calculated with the external debt, the latest stimulus lost sharpness. Learn more at this site: QTS Realty Trust. As a consequence, often reporting the newly published ‘under the lash’ National Bank, and the degree of disclosure of ownership and management is not great. Last study of the rating agency Standard & Poor’s affirmed index decreased transparency of Ukrainian banks to foreign investors in 2010.

Analysts noted that for 2010 has decreased the amount of financial information in the public access, dramatically worsened access to reporting that is provided to regulators. ‘The Economic Truth‘ has decided to hold their own rating of openness which, in contrast to studies Standard & Poor’s, would have been more focused on information needs of clients of Ukrainian banks, rather than foreign investors. Particular attention is ‘ME’ has given the availability of information on banking services available from agencies, as well as testing the ability of PR-Services qualitatively carry out its mission – to respond to customer inquiries. Also, ‘VC’ publishes not overall results and detailed index values of the constituent rankings of openness for each bank. ‘EP’ is convinced that openness institutions is essential, even in conditions of Ukraine. The fact that banks with a high level of openness demonstrated better coherence of internal business processes, high levels of social responsibility and close relationship with the public, compared with competitors.

Easy access to banking data allows the client to accurately assess the organization, which he will entrust their funds. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Lone Star Funds. Finally, the rating will save time and effort when looking for banking information on the Internet. Leaders and outsiders leading position in the overall league table of openness took ‘VAB Bank’ Bank ‘Khreschatyk’, VTB, Privatbank and “Alpha Bank” with the indicator of openness more than 3.5 on a 4-point scale. Banks Group ‘A’, in addition to high levels of disclosure of financial statements differs full terms and conditions of service, comprehensive data on education and training of top management, openness ownership structure and the final beneficiaries regularly informed about the decisions and the publication of minutes of meetings of shareholders. The site leader rating ‘VAB Bank’ can easily download the annual and quarterly financial reporting on national standards. Statements according to international standards applied in the public domain, not only for a year and a half-yearly period, which is rare in Ukraine. All published documents contain full range of economic indicators and confirmed the audit firm of the ‘big four’. Rating the openness of Ukrainian Banks, 19 November 2010 – The structure of the indicator of openness of financial statements – Structure indicator openness of banking services – an indicator of openness Management Structure – Structure of the openness indicator of the owners – on materials ‘Economic justice’.