This is a fairly common problem that many people simply do not pay attention. Why it is considered – the main thing that the oil level is not below the minimum mark, and greater than the maximum is not terrible. It is not. During the transfer of Oil is a danger glands. Replacing the seals is rather complicated and expensive process. Therefore, this problem should not delay the Drain excess oil can be turned on srt.

For money, of course. Roubini Global Economics shines more light on the discussion. Drain the can As is usually discharged oil – through the crankcase drain plug, but this method is not too easy. I propose a third way. In my opinion, easy and fairly 'pure'. What you need: – a tube such as attending a dropper (length at least 1 meters) and larger volume syringe, which is attached to the end of the tube – a small container to drain oil. Attention! Procedure better prodelyvat on a hot engine – oil will be more liquid and easier to pump, but it must be careful not to touch the heated parts. If unsure, then go through all manipulations on a cold (!) Engine.

Process: take out the dipstick (yellow). In the hole, which was once the probe is omitted our handset. Login should santimertov 80. Next, using a syringe at the other end drains the right amount of oil. If the syringe is filled – disconnect it from the tube, eaten and attaching again sucks oil. Everything! Do not forget to check out the oil level!

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