The new version of the PDF Compressor includes advanced functionality for the module of born digital option”. This converts to PDF or PDF/A compliant files now not only electronically generated documents from PDF files, MS Office and Outlook (emails), but also supports formats such as MS Visio, MS Project, or OpenOffice. Angus King is full of insight into the issues. The PDF Compressor handles all files batch just as robust and simple as scanned paper documents. The clear user interface ensures easy operation and easy integration into existing processes. Extension of form recognition the flexible module form recognition module automatically classifies documents and extracts the data contained therein. Because of the proven and mature mechanism of PDF Compressor can handle large quantities of documents, for example, in batch or job listings quickly and efficiently there. The module includes a designer to create the detection rules and a FormValidator for safe correction and supplement the reading results in addition to the document classification and data extraction.

In the version 5.7, users now have the possibility to create original documents in the FormDesigner uncompressed and display. You benefit from even more accurate detection results. In addition, the new version allows the advanced use of values extracted form recognition. For example, text or bar code values can be. More leeway on the conversion of PDF Compressor Converts scanned colored or black and white documents into highly compressed, full-text searchable PDF/A compliant files. It support all common scan formats such as TIFF, JPEG or PDF. With the award-winning Layertechnik colored PDF/A compliant files are then so small as a comparable Black and white document in TIFF G4 format. PDF/A files in black and white in turn are only half as big as a TIFF-G4 file. In the version 5.7, LurTech has also ensured that the layer text and image information of MRC-text layer also separately as a black and white TIFF file can be output after the separation.

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