Never Grow Old

Wealth means collection of valuable things and emulation of virtues of excellence the accumulation of material goods leads the human being to the wealth and continuous learning provides a growth which constantly enriches you, when a person stops learning, automatically stops growing and starts to age, if something guarantees us eternal youth is the continuous learning processThus we find old young and old women. The latter, every day learning something new and can reach old age being always young intellectually, through knowledge; We must overcome the taboos that enslave us and find spiritual freedom, every day at the end of the us must ask today what I learned? and assess our growth through the most important wealth, knowledge for ignorance. The vast majority of human beings live in the knowledge accumulated in our brain, almost all have the same hardware, i.e., two feet, two eyes, two arms, two ears, and so on; the difference that a few prosper more than others is the software, what each who stored in his brain, I do not know if do you want to earn more?, generate greater material wealth for you and your loved ones? The secret is that enrich your mind, increase its mental capital and in response you will get greater material wealth; There are some stray who believe that wealth will come them thanks to its packaging (physical beauty), but I regret to tell you that it will be very temporary and the quality of life in the long run will impoverish considerably. Do not hesitate a moment, spare no investment in their intellectual self-improvement, it is curious that many people hurts autoinvertirse and resists the purchase of books, audios, or videos of knowledge, on the other hand don’t hesitate a moment regarding the acquisition of liquors, cigars or pornography that only pollute and deplete it. Is a time of learning, as well as in the past the power of peoples lay in its military strength and this evolved in modern financial power at times, and that continuous evolution the world of the 21st century will be dominated by the Empires of the knowledge and Nations, businesses or people who possess more wisdom will dominate the world; the value and the difference between the winners and the mediocre is in containing their minds.

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