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– has grown substantially. True, this did not happen quite a quantum leap in training. Frequent inconsistencies of the existing experience of applicants with the expectations of future work ", – said Alexander Gorokhovskiy. According to the manager of HR Pharmaceutical Corporation "Arterium Natalia Kurdes when selecting candidates for the job Several factors are important. Firstly, the presence of an attractive benefits package and offer competitive wages. Secondly, the viability of the company, which estimated competitors on the financial performance of its activities, scope of business, the emergence of new trends in business.

In addition, there is a tendency to increased demands for wage levels practice. Applicants 'request' growth of 30%% to 100%. Sergei Belyaev noted that employers are increasingly trying to meet the needs of candidates. For example, Ukrainian enterprises are gradually adopting the so-called benefits package. If previously it was the prerogative of top management, last year it began to actively offer to all employees of organizations, regardless of whether this line manager or director. In addition, conditions of such stiff competition, many companies are seriously considering building an attractive image of the employer and the development of recruitment strategies that will allow povygodnee "sell" the best job of the best. THE FUTURE OF THE MARKET The main trend of 2006, as, indeed, this remains the same: still need skilled personnel. "In the coming year, this requirement would probably be higher than in the past – says Alina Martynenko .- The expected inflow of foreign investment, no doubt, will increase the demand for "high-quality staff." These people should have greater potential to have a professional experience and must have already ready for the challenges.

" Now to the Ukraine to the attention of many potential foreign investors, considering our country as a promising market. Therefore, the demand for executives from scratch organize a business in Ukraine, will be consistently high. "For newly created companies, demand will be presiding over whether experts and the successful experience in developed markets such as Poland and Russia, which are implemented many similar projects, "says PR manager Brain Source International Company Maria Levchenko. Most experts will actively involve companies from the financial, telecommunications and manufacturing sectors. As experts predict, leading banks are also active managers will order, capable of creating new lines from scratch, and those who expand the current activities of the bank, offering new services. Major telecommunications companies rapidly will develop a regional network and is actively recruit technicians narrow profile. "There will be a stable demand for leaders who can carry out the reorganization of the enterprise as a whole or of the concrete it direction, "said Mary-Levchenko. PS According to the forecasts Sergei Belyaev, two-thirds of Ukrainian experts will replace their jobs over the next three years.

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