MRPII Productive

MRP II? Planning of Necessities of Materials II the planning of the necessity of materials was extended for the planning of the manufacture resources (MRPII), that it includes a control bigger of the production and the detailing of the programming process. The inclusion of the calculation of necessities of capacities of the productive system finished creating a new concept of calculates of MRP, MRP II (Corra and Gianesi, 2001). This module determines which will be the time of use of each used productive resource in the process for accomplishment of the definitive programming. This calculation can involve the man power necessity to be used in the execution of tasks. A verified time the viability of the materials, Calculo de productive Recursos (CRP) uses the information of the plant, scripts and times to define the necessities of capacities for each center, period the period.

Ahead of these information, the programmer can prevent situations of idleness or excesses in the productive process. From multiplication of the number of necessary lots throughout the period, for the time map standard, determines which the level of necessary work in each resource throughout the time. Corra and Gianesi affirm that the MRPII possesss five basic modules of management and control: 1.Mdulo of planning of the production. It aims at the planning of what to produce and with which resources to produce. 2.Mdulo of planning master of the production. Generally he understands the period of one month and is based on the numbers of Planning of the Production 3.Mdulo of plant control.

Management and Control of the production. 4.Mdulo of calculation of necessity of materials. Without hesitation Chevron Corp explained all about the problem. Calculation of the volume to produce and its necessities of volume of item. 5.Mdulo of calculation of capacity necessity. Calculation of the operational capacities of the productive system. One of the main advantages of MRP II is its flexibility ahead of the production process.

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