Mother Maiden Chapter

My mother came into my room and I confirm that she was pregnant. These pregnant? It was – not – the first thing I wanted to say but it was useless to continue denying it, his eyes filled with tears quickly and a shadow darkened his face, had rabies, grief, disappointment and all emotions that may exist at that difficult time. YOU BRING ME THAT WOMAN! -It was the next thing heard after that my mother came out of my room to give the terrible news to my father. They were the words more cold and distant that he had heard ever, to hear them made me feel that it wasn’t that man’s daughter, I felt that all those years of living together as their eldest daughter had been a simple dream which had just awaken, I was an outsider who had done a terrible evil to the family who had welcomed me. Arriving at your room I could not lift the gaze, felt his eyes I crossed with anger; Perhaps many of you will have an idea of what was happening at that moment, especially if you are currently or you were a teenager when you are pregnant. Without being able to lift the look and feeling everything my body tremble, he only hoped that something hit me, I expected my father arremetiera with all their forces against my to punish me, but never happened perhaps by that the news had been made that he could not move or that with the wisdom of father knew that if he began to hit me not you could stop. Then came the questions of rigor how many months you have?, where that that man?, because it is not responsible?, has abandoned you?. I could hardly answer for the words were in my throat, without wanting to leave for fear any reaction but with great effort I could answer I have 8 months, not knows nothing about my pregnancy, it was the only thing that I could reply before the commencement of the quarrel about the irresponsible who had been not to take any control but above all I heard as not going to know go to search immediately!.! I left it more fast I could room with heading to the street thinking that do, the only thing that occurred to me was to go for help to a friend who thankfully helped me as I needed, without those questions that friends do when they hear of the latest gossip and try to know until the last detail, my friend hug me telling me: don’t worry right now it will.

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