Moscow Photographer

People meet, people fall in love, marry Most people want to remember their wedding day in a long time. Captured – decoration family album, but do not be ashamed to show these pictures to relatives? Times "shovels" pictures are gone. A friend or acquaintance with amateur camera, banal photography: the groom signs the certificate, the bride – does the same thing, the picture with all the family tell a lot similar pictures in the wedding albums of the Soviet Union was possible for different parties face weddings. What's going on with the wedding photos in our day? A few years ago, we could say: "Absolutely nothing. Camera is more expensive, and the photos are the same ", at the present time the situation changed.

The camera should be in the hands of a specialist – it's generally understood by many. Photo experiencing a real heyday, and the profession "Wedding photographer" has become very popular. Today, any couple wants to commemorate the wedding was kept a long time. Demand creates supply, and quality wedding photography and photographer at the level of professionalism wedding Moscow is very happy. However, in such case must be treated seriously but how to choose a normal photographer? Firstly, it is desirable to refer to a professional – this ensures that he will be at the wedding of a professional camera, and he knows how to use it. You do not want to repeat the fate of my friend who decided to save on the photographer, invited a friend with a great camera, and after having waited for six months, the outcome of tears? Secondly – the portfolio. Every good photographer will provide you with samples of their work. But beware – an enormous amount of work can not always promise the original photo session. The greater the number of fascinating images, the greater the likelihood that they would be happy for many years, and you'll be proud to show everyone he knew. Third, ask what images will make the photographer? The choice is quite large: you will be prompted to remove your Love story , shooting a wedding (in different genres and perspectives, and with an unusual approach – playful images of mock kidnapping bride after wedding shooting (when no longer feel sorry for dresses, and you can ride it on the grass and go in the water) photos from your honeymoon!

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