Mortgage Credit Committee

All transactions with an apartment, bought with a mortgage, allowed only with the consent of the mortgagee bank. In exceptional cases the bank may be willing to sell collateral, with firm guarantees of repayment of the loan. Specifically,’s schemes sale of flats few: – Borrower independently finds a buyer for the apartment, and as a result of the sale (with the consent of the bank) early repayment mortgage – a new buyer is interested in getting a mortgage. In this situation, can be a scheme transfer of the debt. Divorce is probably the most serious problems arise after a divorce if the spouses were borrowers on a mortgage. The issue of further payments on the loan and the section mortgaged property is directly dependent on the position of the creditor bank. For divorcing spouses there is a possibility of re-registration duty of solidarity with the individual. The Credit Committee assesses the solvency of the borrower, who is going to take on debt servicing.

If it is deemed insufficient, then reissue the loan will be denied. In this case, customers can either remain “a co-borrower, amicably agreeing the terms of repayment, or pay in advance on the loan and divide is no longer pledged housing. However, in most cases the possibility of transfer of the debt does not – ex-spouses are joint and several borrowers, since when issuing a loan the bank takes into account the total family income. Impossible, and property division in the absence of a marriage contract – spouse for the period of the loan agreement are equal owners purchased an apartment. Alienation of shares in a right to an apartment only at maturity of all existing obligations to the bank. Bankruptcy creditors in recognition of the bank’s insolvency or revocation of his license all rights to the loans, including the mortgage on an apartment, go into the hands of the new bank-creditor. In this case, the borrower has nothing to fear. First of all, if the sale of mortgage loans will be tightened, and you have to temporarily suspend mortgage payments, no penalties to pay for it is not necessary. In addition, the loans after the renewal of the loan portfolio are repaid in the initial conditions. Sergey Alexeev.

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