Professional model is to shoot ‘as is’. She knows that the studio has a shower, any clothes, make-up artist, food, etc. In our case, it is desirable to discuss such details in advance. Make-up artist. Make-up services (in Moscow) are $ 30 per image ($ 50 for 2-3 images) at the very inexpensive wizard. How do you? Therefore, make-up artist will model itself.

Any girl knows how to nakrasili to look attractive. Cosmetics let him take with him. On your side, I would advise just buy a theatrical make-up (or a special makeup for the shoot), which is applied evenly to the face to eliminate glare and glossing over minor skin imperfections. Clothing. See KBS for more details and insights. Better model to take with lots of different clothes.

Necessarily among them must be at least one monochromatic ensemble. The rest – for her taste. Items. Bear, doll, toy – usually advised to take children. But in the case of an adult presence usual home items on the survey will help him relax. Maybe it will be knitting, the book, a cup – all this allows you to identify the nature of the model and decide how to shoot. Contact Us. Contact with the model – a pledge of good pictures. If you no pro, she is sure to be ashamed of. Intensely into the lens, correct clothing, etc. Set the emotional contact. Drink a cup of tea and sweets, tell us about yourself, learn about the man who in front of you, show and discuss your previous work. Tell us last anecdote – just let her smile, feel comfortable in the studio. Otherwise, your pictures will be are fit only for a passport. All this must be done before the shooting. What we do: o Portfolio. So is a series of shots for model agencies. Usually 10-20 images of A4 in different images (clothing, makeup). Obligatory portrait, Rostov figure photo in a swimsuit. Cost (in Moscow) from $ 150. Go find out requirement of the modeling agency, which is supposed to give photos. Follow these requirements is very difficult, partly due to the fact that the modeling agencies prefer to earn such shootings. o Casting. Actually, this word is called ‘live’ selection model. There are a number of models are invited to view. Photographed, to select one, for example, to capture advertising shampoo. In our case, we call this word a best shot. Often a need for marriage agencies – they have a catalog usually a picture of each the candidate. o . These jargon is called a medium modeling agencies the same portfolio, but information on one sheet A4-format, which usually fit 06/04 best photos from the model frame, etc. o Nu. Simply say, exposed. He has more than a century now in fashion black and white pieces of the female body, emphasizing the lines of the body, with all unnecessary retracted into the shadows. Need a black background and single-minded focus light.

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