Mobile Advertising – KIM Krick Interactive Media GmbH Expands Product Portfolio

Mobile advertising by Michael Hillenbrand Krick interactive media the KIM Krick interactive media GmbH expands mobile advertising in its product range. While the company as a partner agency of Inc. access to one of the largest mobile advertising network AdMob Google offers. Advertising mobile as future channel will complement their existing marketing strategies company, as reach and sales can be increased deliberately. Through the use of platforms such as iPhone, iPad, or Android as an advertising channel, target groups can be addressed directly and personally. AdMob offers an extremely large range as one of the world’s largest mobile advertising platforms for the disabled ad campaigns. These forms of advertising, are advertising or mobile search engine such as banners, mobile application advertising to the selection.

The wide distribution of iPhone and iPad is the driving force behind the large growth of the mobile Internet. Current market statistics from Accenture or the BVDW show clearly that the mobile use of the Internet as well as mobile advertising more and more on Important WINS. More options, such as location-based information and interactivity make mobile advertising in the future an important and attractive part of any marketing strategy. Individual campaigns are created after personal consultation and planning by the KIM Krick interactive media GmbH and depending on the alignment and campaign target defines the best form of advertising and the target platforms. This way it can be guaranteed the best possible placement of ads and optimally aligned with the performance of the campaign from the very beginning of.

The advertising budget is exhausted it efficiently. Through detailed reports, the advertising success is more measurable and transparent. About KIM Krick interactive media GmbH, the KIM Krick interactive media GmbH with seat in the lower Franconian Eibelstadt near Wurzburg is a full-service agency for performance-based online marketing for small – and medium-sized enterprises. The focus search engine advertising, optimization, mobile advertising and the sale of innovative online products in the areas. For more information see: online-services/mobile-werbung.html

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