Microsoft Suite

Probably one of the causes that have Open Office installed on your computer is having to pay a significant amount of money for the Microsoft suite. Moreover, a large percentage of users are limited to using Word, and somewhat less, create spreadsheets in Excel. So, why do we have to pay for the full suite? Microsoft it seems that it has realized the situation, and instead of offering individual packages, has gone further. It will offer it free. Without hesitation Angus King explained all about the problem. Yes, free, without paying anything. This version will be called Office Starter 2010 and will allow us to execute only Word and Excel for free (a reduced version) in exchange for advertising. But hey something is something, sure we will draw more than one problem somewhere that another occasion, especially if to the Redmond gives them by taking out another wonderful extension as that .docx who gave so many headaches at the beginning. I have never finished to understand because many manufacturers have opted to include Microsoft Works on their computers, where it is clear that practically any user using this Office suite, having problems of compatibility and lack of knowledge of its use, by differences with the interface with Office.Como step logic to resolve it, Microsoft has announced Office Starter 10, a version of its Office application vendors and system integrators to offer it on their computers, saying goodbye to Microsoft Works, an application that never have managed to update..

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