Maybe Uncle Bob

The Loss of each investor in this case amounted to 4,3%. I want to make you happy, there is a more lucrative retirement program. It’s private pension funds, which tend to show greater profitability than inflation. Contact information is here: KBS. I want to dispel your belief that if this corporate means not reliable. It is not.

The activities of private pension funds controlled by the state, and the worst for the fund is to lose a license, but even in this case, investors do not lose their savings. How to choose the pension fund will be discussed in the next article, or you can look at section of apf, and we now have with you, other tasks. – And what to do with free money and 10% of the R / P? Investment instruments, rather a lot. This is a bank deposit, and additional pension products, insurance and mutual funds, except that it is necessary to choose wisely and according to their goals. – John, Joe, why are you here to dig? Suffice suffer, the beer gets cold! What the Fund does not choose to take this one reds.

Yes, no, left! Gentlemen! It’s your money, and only you decide where to invest. You may find Jonah Bloom to be a useful source of information. Once you have the right to dispose of his capital, so choose and learn your selected funds, learn as much as possible about their activities, look how old they are on the market. Do not repeat the mistakes mmm depositors who fled only for profit. Not worth listening to advice from friends, unless they are financial consultants. Here’s how to change sub-$ 100, at different time intervals and at different% rate years5% % % % apr 100 $ 100 $ 100 $ 100 $ 5,128 $ 161 $ 201 $ 249 $ 10,163 $ 259 $ 405 $ 619 $ 15,208 $ 418 $ 814 $ 1,541 $ 25,339 $ 1,083 $ 3 292 $ 9,540 $ And if you invest $ 100 every month? Well well in the quarter, or half a year. The beauty of 10% of your salary that if they invest each month, special harm the family budget will not bring, and mutual funds provide an opportunity to invest on 100rub, ie What would the salary was not, you can become an investor and to protect themselves in the future. Very often I hear from people the following: – Oh, come on, we passed it in the ninety-eighth year. I remember very well that year. I was a student, and the crisis has swept across the beer and cigars Ah! Yes, the money! Who won in 1998. Aunt Lena was quickly bought a washing machine? Maybe Uncle Bob from the upper deck, having invested all his money in dollars? I can tell you that won financially educated people who have put money into securities. Market failure affected all sectors of the economy and securities market, too, which rapidly began to fall in price. And what do financially educated people in the falling market. That’s right, they start to fly, thus reducing cost already purchased shares. I will tell you a secret, but I have not heard that in 1998 would be bankrupt at least one mutual funds. Banks, yes, yes the company, but mutual funds do not. I do not want, what would you immediately rushed to invest. I wish that you would have started act deliberately.

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