Magician Work

In the religious philosophy of magic called the totality of the experience of transformation of the world or influence on him, associated with the action of faith, and not directly related to knowledge itself. What does it mean? A quick and easy. A simple example. Magic Carpet is magic or science? For us it is a science, because we know it. Know the aerodynamics and physics. For us, the aircraft is the fruit produced by human work and science.

Now imagine ancient man. For example, in some tribes appeared the aircraft. Shaman tribe believes he can fly. Presses a button, the plane takes off. Got a magic act.

Religious leaders say that magic is a divine gift, or demonic curse. Look for any normal priest and ask him about the ability to heal people by the will of God and through the works of Satan. He will tell you that magic exists and it is not heresy, they are dealing with unexplained by the nature of activities. For us, with you, ordinary people, magic is an empty phrase, a fairy tale and nothing more. We have been in my life do not see anything except work, wages, and his wife, forever screaming kids. Well work, well the machine, well, cottage, well, a pension, and then what? Death and nothing more, some magic here? Yes, a reflection of the magic we can find in any fairy tale. But remember, like Pushkin? In the tale a lie, so it hint. to start, I note that nothing comes out of nowhere.

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