Las Rozas

Although we can not forget that social phenomena to simple ones like this news are circumscribed to a social structure and a historic moment concrete. Conflicts allow us to also transform us, see efforts to rectify performances for potential situations of temporary .in the future. That have emanated from the different perspectives and different Intergroup interests, and that they affect the changes of behaviour-in the news analyzed – in citizens, i.e. both to individual behaviour as well as entities responsible for as to the collective. The social conditions of our reality, as it is almost a bipartisanship that stood at a very high level of tension and in which the language is completely accusatory gives us as a result this type of polarity in the positions that at the individual level (at least the mio) concludes in great disbelief, therefore I agree with the summary of the module in which becomes urgent attempt to formulate a concept of scientific rationality that becomes expensive both the fragmentation of reason and challenging social complexity these two types of press are one of many media calls to the representation or social manipulation of the different powers of society with an importance that is at issue in which politically and economically dependent. As well as its readers themselves ever more than one side or the other..

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