La Anonima Bizerba

Balingen/Buenos Aires, June 29, 2010 at its new plant in Buenos Aires, La Anonima argentina company production makes use of labellers of Bizerba GLM-I completely automatic and supported for network prices. In close collaboration with the marketing department of the company, servicing of Bizerba equipment has combined devices with other hardware and software components, creating flexible and high efficiency production lines. It all started at IFFA 2007, the leading international trade fair meat held in Frankfurt. The stand of the Bizerba technology company was attended by guest of D. Walter Lefloth, responsible for meats and salami at La Anonima which, with more than 100 subsidiaries, is the leading supermarket chain in the Patagonia Argentina. Lefloth has designed for new construction planned for 2008 of a plant of fractionation of cold cuts and cheeses in Ituzaingo, in the Northwest of Buenos Aires, equip the production of new weights and price labelling equipment with the order to optimize the packaging of cold cuts and cheeses.

First, Lefloth has become a concrete idea of the current portfolio of Bizerba. Hans Rinke, Manager of Bizerba Argentina S.A., has been by his side to provide advice and assistance: the fully automatic price labeller of the GLM-I series has been received with special interest. Since with a speed of up to 150 packages per minute it supposes an excellent instrument of labelling and weighing to the industrial area of high performance. Now well, not suffice only to sell machines. By the years of experience, Rinke knows that with the machines only iterates through the middle of the road. To create a smart line of production and design with the greatest efficiency possible production in the new factory, our team of technical service, in close cooperation with the marketing department of La Anonima, has developed a complete concept. The aim has been to integrate the GLM-I in a production line, with installation of packaging connected previously, and to put the labeller in communication with superior computer system.

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