ITA Accounting

13a ITA allows smaller companies in the agriculture and forestry the profit calculation according to average rates. To perform the calculation, a lump-sum amount of profit is assumed in this case for every self managed hectares. This is with the actually incurred lease income and expenditure charged. section 13a of the EStG still regulates what criteria an agriculture and forestry operation must meet to determine his winnings according to the average rate method. Another permissible method for calculating profit for all land and forest owners, which is not subject to the accounting according to the tax code, is the revenue surplus account. The taxable income amount is the profit from the settlement of wirtschaftsjahrlichen revenue and expenditure of the operation in question.

The revenue surplus account is also known as the simplified accounting, because it needs to balance the double entry nor a financial statements. The legal obligation to keep records, I of the tax law applies to an agricultural or forestry due to 141 eliminates the represented optional profit determination methods. In this case he has, like other companies too, the determination of profits pursuant to 4 I ITA by a comparison of its assets between the beginning and end of the financial year to determine. The lawful business assets comparison is made possible by the prescribed double-entry accounting, due to which the balance including all assets and liabilities and finally the profit – or loss-ausweisende annual accounts can be created. The works connected with the bookkeeping and accounting are quite complex and require specialist knowledge. Renate Wenzel has extensive experience in payroll and accounting, in particular in the specific provisions for agriculture and forestry.

The professional commitment of their payroll and accounting offices relieves its customers and allows them to be on the actual Her work to focus competencies of core. The required accounting work carried legally and promptly by Renate Wenzel with high professional competence. Is it easily fall tax consultant responsible for the preparation of the annual financial statements and tax returns due to their previous commitments, to find the best solutions in the interests of his clients.

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