The balance between family and work as an entrepreneur is something that you want to accomplish, especially as a woman in this society brings more challenges, more if you're an entrepreneur. Find out in this article how to find this balance. I'll show you a small key that will help you succeed. I present you three tips that advise you to follow as closely as possible because if not, it is very easy to start to steal time for the family and the moments with them are not of the required quality at the same time we lose efficiency at work, which increasingly need more time. 1 .- Delegate, delegate, delegate. Delegates to all delegates in your family and your delegates equipment. You're not a superwoman, or you have to be the servant of all. At home, everyone tries to deal with certain things, you can even arrange shifts so that everyone knows do everything.

At work the same, is not going to sink the company if it does not monitor everything. In fact having a well-trained team to deal with unforeseen events, can be a great outlet for you. It's the same at home, if all components rotate in your family work, everyone will do everything. 2 .- Put your limits for everything. Like you have your company philosophy and standards to be met, please rules as to limit your time. Define how long you can give your business and your family as you can even have another limit for possible contingencies in both fields and stick firmly.

3 .- Live in the present. This is very important, both at work and the family. If you're in this business will allow you more concentration greater speed and efficiency. In the family, if you enjoy those moments you have with your loved ones without being aware of what you left at work, these moments are of higher quality, which will help your family much respect for absences caused by your work. Following these three points has allowed me to get that balance between family and work, my family does not feel neglected and I am more and more efficient in my work, so I do not need to spend more time. Zabaleta Ana "The Coach of the entrepreneur"

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